Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the Name of Christ our Lord. We are so thankful to the Lord for what He has been doing in Nepal. As I have shared before, one of Nepal’s greatest needs is sound gospel material. We praise the Lord for the funding provided by HeartCry supporters, which allows this need to be met through the translation and printing of solid books. This is a tremendous help for the Nepali churches, who don’t have access to any type of reference material. Our current focus is on the 9Marks books in the

“Healthy Church”

series. So far, we have been able to translate and print the following books:

  1. Sound Doctrine,
  2. Expositional Preaching,
  3. Church Elders, and
  4. The Gospel.

We have other books in this series that will be ready in the near future. The Church Membership book is currently being printed and will hopefully be in our hands soon. Church Discipline is in the proofreading stage, and we plan to begin translating the book Evangelism soon. It is our desire to translate all the 9Marks books in this series into Nepali, for clarity in these doctrines is needed in the Nepali church.

We have already seen fruit from the resources that have been made available. Many men and women have been encouraged from what they have read, and we are sharing these solid materials with others who are interested in reading them. Other HeartCry missionaries have also been blessed, and have testified that these materials have been extremely helpful as they work to establish biblical churches. These books have been a tremendous blessing to His people! We are also praying and looking forward to translating Paul Washer’s series of books on the Gospel. 

Through the HeartCry donors, we have also been able to print 10,000 copies of a solid Gospel tract entitled

Deliverance from the Dangerous Problem

in our own Nepali language. This tract walks through the gospel. It starts with God, and then speaks about the nature of man, sin, and the Person and work of Christ, before calling men to respond. We hope and pray that the Lord will use this small tool to draw many souls to Christ. We praise God for this tract, and for the funds provided which allowed it to be printed. Most of the gospel literature and tracts available in Nepali are very shallow, confusing, and even false when presenting the gospel, so this tool is important.

Even though we are making progress, the need is still evident. We are lacking tools and resources for the church in Nepal. We still need a solid Nepali dictionary, Study Bible, commentaries, etc. I pray our Lord will provide all of these needs in His own time. Lord willing, we will continue to press forward to have as many solid materials as we can in our own language. This will help pastors and leaders be able to prepare better sermons, as well as help believers grow biblically. Please continue to pray for the translation and printing ministry, that God would supply the needs of the people for the advancement of His kingdom. Amen!

In Him,