Greetings to you all! I just wanted to send a brief update on training classes recently held in a rural area of South India. Our co-worker and brother in Christ, Vijay conducts an extended training class in his church for pastors. I was invited to teach this class for 4 days. It was a privilege to take part in it, and to have a fellowship with these men.

There were around 25 men and women who participated from two different states in India. During this time, we studied a couple of chapters from the book 

Knowing The Living God 

Paul Washer.

This study helped us to know more about God in a systematic way. We studied the character and attributes of the God, and the fact that He is truly like no other. This serves to give a solid foundation to the pastors. During this study they realised the great need of it, and how this kind of teaching is immensely valuable to them. This is going to impact their personal lives and their teaching about God to their congregations and outreach ministries.

We also studied the subject of Pastoral ministry – covering the Biblical perspectives of pastoral ministry. Many of them appreciatied this aspect of study, and they were thankful that they had the opportunity to take part in it.

One pastor (who took part in these classes) commented, “I came to these classes with a troubled heart, with so many doubts in my heart about ministry, and some confusing doctrinal issues, but at the end of the classes I was thanking God for bringing great clarity on those issues that has troubled me for a long time.” Recently, one of his senior pastors told him that there is no need to go for any Bible training, and that God would teach him. He discouraged him not to go. But after attending classes he realised how much it is needed for him to learn all of these truths.

Like him all the brothers and sisters were blessed so much through these training classes. I appreciate brother Vijay for organising these training classes with the purpose of equipping many men and women, who will in turn equip others also. Once again thank you so much for your partnership we appreciate you all.

Your co labourer in in Christ,

S Rajan.