Dear praying friends,

We are so thankful for your continued support of our theological education ministry. We are looking forward to another encouraging year as we grow in our understanding of what the pastors and church leaders need to be able to succeed in their different ministries.

New Opportunities

In February, before the rains started, the whole leadership team at CTB went to the north of Peru to see about the possibility of setting up an extension centre for studies in an important and strategic city. We visited one of the main churches keen on hosting the centre and other key ministries and they showed much interest in the possibility of us providing a theological education programme, so we are praying that the Lord would guide us in this. We are waiting for the rains and floods to subside before we advance further with this exciting project.

Teaching in Lima

We have just started the new academic year and have so far run two classes. One class was taught in Barranco on the Pastoral Epistles by Pastor Daniel Calle, who it is a real blessing to have once
 again on our faculty. There was a good respone to the class which had over 20 students – not bad for Tuesday mornings when most people are working.

Meanwhile, David Silva was teaching Inductive Bible Study to 18 students in San Martín de Porres in the north of Lima. He had also teaught this course to around 30 students during an intensive week-long programme in one of the poorer areas of Lima who were unable to get to the classes on the other side of the city.

Upcoming Teaching

During Easter week, along with Daniel Calle, I shall be preaching at a 3-day family retreat for around 200 at a Bible School on the East of Lima. Then, at the end of the month I shall be participating in a conference in Atalaya in the central jungle for Ashaninka church pastors. We are expecting around 30 pastors and I shall be speaking over the course of 3 days on “The history of salvation” – basically I will be looking at God’s redemptive plan from Genesis to Revelation. I will then be visiting a village some 2 hours from there by boat in order to see about the possibility of setting up a Bible school there. The pastors are very enthusiastic about the idea, but we need the Lord’s guidance as we make a decision.

Thank you for reading this report. Thank you too for your prayers on our behalf.