Greetings to you all! I just wanted to send a brief update on the training classes for the Koya tribal pastors held recently in a remote area of Chhattisgarh state (which is on the border to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh). Pastor Kan conducted a 2-day training class for the Pastors who are laboring in the jungle, and in tiny villages. These men are not trained.

Pastor Kan requested me to help in this training. I felt it was a God given opportunity to teach and to have a fellowship with them. These pastors (many which are very young) do not have a chance of going to Bible school. These men were hungry to learn Bible truths. While I was teaching, they were trying to write everything that I was teaching down so they would not miss one point. Some even took a photocopy of my notes.

One pastor who was formerly a Naxalite (guerrilla warfare group against government) requested me to do a video recording of all the teachings and give it to him. He was willing to give me 1000 Rs for a video recording. Seeing him at this point, I almost cried. I was praising God because this man was once so cruel and lived a barbaric life. Now this man was transformed, like a small child by the power of God’s love and His abundant grace, having strong desires to learn about God and His truth, and to return and teach his congregation. He is serving the Lord in a area (Chhattisgarh state) where there is always fighting between the police forces and the Naxals. In fact, while our classes were going on, there was an encounter that happened. In such an unfavorable circumstances these men are serving the Lord with minimal resources.

We studied the infallibility of the Scriptures, and the uniqueness of the Bible among all other books of the World religions. I taught by powerpoint presentation with help of a projector. The projector was very helpful to me in communicating because these pastors are not much educated. I also distributed a book

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ.”

John Piper

There were around 180 pastors (along with their wives) that attended, from two different states. Some of them travelled from very long distance to come to the training. Pray for these brothers and sisters- that God would open many doors for them to have training classes like this. Pray for their protection from Naxals and many wild animals while they are serving in a deep jungles.

Once again thank you so much for your prayers and holding the rope we appreciate you all.

Your co-laborer in Christ,

S Rajan