Dear HeartCry,

I thank God for all divine providential works in my family and ministry over the past months. I am thankful for your faithful prayers, encouragement and supports.

Starting from June, I am teaching about seven hours a week at a Bible school in my hometown. My church members are growing in biblical knowledge of God’s salvation work that was planned before the foundation of the world; Christ’s atoning death and resurrection through which believers are counted righteous by God; and the Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence and empowering guidance to live a holy life that fulfills the law of Christ.

We started mid-week gathering service three weeks ago so that my members would hear more about God and His Word and that we would grow more in Christian fellowship. There are two formerly Buddhist men regularly attending all our services in church and a few other Burmese Buddhist women who would listen to my message from their home near our church building. That makes me preach two languages: Lahu and Burmese. I set up the speakers loud enough so all nearby people outside the church would clearly hear my preaching. It is encouraging to know that there are actually some people outside being preached Christ as our members are being led to maturity. Please remember these people in your prayers.

My church has sent out a missionary to a village to plant a church with four Christian families there. I also visited there recently and on that very day a family of five members has abandoned their animistic belief and practice, and joined with the Christian community. I preached the Gospel to them and to many other animists in the village. Our missionary there will continue to follow up by preaching and teaching the Word of God until they get baptized and are added to the church. We have been able to provide him a small house to live. And we hope to construct a small gathering place for them sooner than later. Please pray for the missionary, for the Christians as well as for that animist family, and for the overall evangelistic works there.

My recent medical check-up result was encouraging. In mid August, my wife is due her medical check-up. We thank you for all the helps you give us in this regard. Please pray that our physical health is well maintained as well as that our spiritual life will grow so we can faithfully serve the Lord with what has been entrusted to us. Also pray for the translation work. I hope to see our first work printed out and distributed to as many pastors as possible across Asia, and I’m working on it step by step. Thank you very much for everything you do to make all this happens in this part of the world. May God bless you as we continue to serve Him together!

Yours in Christ, JHW (July 2017)

Missionary Report

Update from China

Update from China