Gospel Ministry in Needy Land

Dear friends and prayer partners in Christ. Nepal is experiencing a crisis of fuel, gas and other materials because of blockade for the last one and half months. In all this difficulty, however, God is being so faithful to us. We were able to organize a Leaders Conference, Youth Conference, and General Meeting where the Gospel was preached and received so “that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 3:17 ESV). Here are some of the ministry activities and how God has used us for His own glory.

Homiletics Conference (Oct 4-6)

The Reformed Churches of Nepal organized a three-day Leaders Conference on Homiletics. The first day we were instructed on the seriousness of preaching, handling the word of God correctly, and focusing on expository preaching. During the second day we heard the explanation of understanding the biblical text, use of illustrations, and application. Two particular texts, one from Old Testament and one from New Testament, were used for a workshop during the breakout session. On the third day each of the eleven elders preached for twenty minutes on a particular text assigned to them from New Testament. It was very helpful for our men to go through this exercise. This conference was a great blessing for all of us. 

General Meeting (Oct. 20-22)

This was a General Meeting organized by the Reformed Churches of Nepal. Nine local churches gathered with 170 people in attendance for this meeting. Three of us taught from different topics:

  1. Why Scripture are Very important To Us
  2. Local Church, Individual Believers & Elders, and The Responsibility for One Another
  3. Doctrine of Salvation

The meeting was a very blessed time for us. We had good fellowship with one another and the privilege to encourage one another from the word of God. I hope the Lord will enlarge our faith in Christ and we will bear more fruit from the meeting.

Reformation Day (Nov. 1)

We were supposed to have celebrated Reformation Day on Friday, Oct. 3. However, we held the meeting on Saturday, Nov. 1, because Nepalese churches culturally meet together each Saturday. The day was very joyful for us as we came together and studied Early Church History, Medieval Church History, and the Reformation Day (Oct. 31, 1517). The teaching was primarily on the Five Solas and reminded us of basic doctrines and the reformed faith. Our men were encouraged through the teaching on Five Solas so that our churches can stand firm in reformed faith, protect the truth, and be aware of a false gospel. Altogether 30 men and women were present and participated in this program.

Conference on Hermeneutics (Nov. 8-10)

This conference was very blessed for all of us. Altogether 30 men and women were assembled together. Our teacher taught us how to interpret the Bible by viewing the principles of different literature and genre. They included:

  1. Historical Context
  2. Poetic Literature
  3. Prophetic Literature
  4. Parables
  5. Grammatical Context
  6. Cultural Context
  7. Word Formation
  8. Scripture Interprets Scripture

Our teacher also explained to us how to exegete the text for the purpose of expository sermons and application and shared various examples. The sermons should be clear, simple, and directly applicable to the hearts of people we were instructed. Finally, he exhorted the preachers on the seriousness of preaching and calling. It was very encouraging for our men to get such training which is very helpful in their life and ministry.

Youth Conference and Annual Program (Nov. 11-12)

Reformed Churches of Nepal have a desire to train young men and women so that they can grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and also help equip them for the mission field. We are thankful to the Lord that He has enabled us to help our young men and women through teaching and preaching. On Nov. 11 Brother Nil Bahadur preached on Biblical Marriage and Sarvajit preached on the Narrow Gate and the Narrow Way from Matt. 7:13-14. Many of local churches were represented, with approximately sixty youth gathered. This day was very encouraging and different activities were done for the glory of God. We are so thankful to the HeartCry’s friends and prayer partners for the prayers and support for the advancement of His kingdom in Nepal. Your prayers and support have helped us to establish biblical churches in Nepal where the Gospel is shining in the face of people day by day. Let God be honored and glorified through these ministry activities.

Thank You! In Him, Sarvajit