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Church Plant

I continue with my series in Isaiah. In October I finished preaching through chapter 42. I am constantly reminded how saturated this book is with the Gospel. It is not strange that some people call this book “The Gospel according to Isaiah.” To do a deep study in this book has been such a blessing for me.
We are also continuing with our book table evangelism at the international market. With all the refugees pouring into Sweden we sense a greater interest and a higher demand for the New Testament in Arabic especially. Pray that people would read the New Testaments and Gospel portions that we give out. Pray also that the Lord would use the seeds that are planted in those that hear the Gospel and that it would bring forth good fruit.

Reformedia/Evangeliecentrerat Website

At the beginning of October we had Greg Gilbert come over to Sweden to do a conference related to his book, “What is the Gospel?” that Reformedia has made available in Swedish. It was a great time and we were able to make many good contacts. It is obvious that there is a great hunger for the real thing. A lot of people expressed that this is what they long for and wish to see in Sweden.
A few weeks after the conference I was preaching in the church where my mom grew up, located in the same area that the conference with Greg Gilbert was held. So many people came up and talked to me afterwards, telling me that this was what they long to hear. One man said that he hasn’t heard the Gospel preached clearly for over 20 years. I am saddened to hear this, as it should be what God’s people get to hear regularly. At the same time I rejoice that there is a great hunger for the real thing. Pray for a preaching reformation in Sweden, that many preachers could be raised up to preach the true Gospel and feed God’s people with solid biblical food.
In connection with the conference, we also made Paul Washer’s book, “The Gospel’s Power and Message,” available in Swedish. This is a milestone for Swedish Christianity and we are eagerly waiting to see how the Lord will use this book.

HeartCry conference

I had the blessing of being able to go to the HeartCry conference in Germany for pastors in Western Europe. That was like a breath of fresh air. It was a very encouraging time to be with likeminded people doing the same thing as me, and it was a very good time to learn from fellow laborers working in similar situations in other European countries. Thank you HeartCry for having the conference and making it possible for us to come!