Doug is a member of the church HeartCry missionary Silas G. serves as pastor of in Butwal, Nepal. HeartCry is financially assisting Doug so he can attend seminary in Goa, India. His latest report is below. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Greeting in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so thankful to God for His grace and providence in my daily life. God brought me back safely to Nepal from Goa, India. Now, I am in Butwal, Nepal involving myself in practical ministry with Bro. Silas for three months (March-May). Let me share some blessings and experiences of ministry during last one and half months.

Doug Teaching Nepal

First, I is a good time to have fellowship with church members and my family. God gave me an opportunity to preach couple of sermon in the local church. I preached in the topic on “Justification by God’s grace through faith alone” from Ephesians 2:1-10 and “Run the race with endurance” from Hebrews 12:1-3. I had evaluation form given by seminary. I gave it to Bro. Silas and some believers to evaluate my sermons. Feedback were really helpful and encourage me to grow in preaching.

Second, I had an opportunity to help one couple (Bro. Ramkumar and His wife) who is staying with Bro. Silas for 3 months home bible training. I took them through 66 books of the bible and taught them how these all books altogether fit in the one theme (The redemptive plan of Sovereign God through Messiah) of the bible. It was very encouraging time to help this couple who desire to be shepherd as myself also called by God for same purpose. I am glad to see how God save this couple from earthquake in last year and preparing them for His ministry. 

Doug Teaching Couple

Third, I visited the church in the mountain nearby my village form where I heard the gospel 6 years before. Now Pastor Kirk is ministering there. I last met him two and half years ago. He and the church were so excited by seeing me there. It was a blessing for me to have fellowship with them after long time and see how they are doing. Some of them are very old but still they are hungry for God’s word which encourages me. I also had time for home visit there and pray with them together.

Finally, I got an opportunity to attend HeartCry Conference on the topic of the gospel by Jimmy Li from April 10-12. Many pastors, leaders, and myself were blessed from that conference. We learn about justification, redemption, propitiation and adoption. And the practical aspect of the gospel. It helped me to understand the richness of the gospel of Jesus Christ deeply and encouraged me to be more thankful to God. It made me to think seriously that, how much I need gospel in my daily living. This is how God is leading and preparing me. The ‘One thing’ that encourages me and brings me joy in my heart is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The more I read it and practice it, the more I am drawn closer in relationship with God.

I am thankful to our God for these all blessing and opportunities, which He leads me to grow in spiritual maturity. I am thankful to HeartCry, all my brothers and sisters in Christ for your prayers and encouragements. And also request to continue pray for me.

Praise the Lord, Amen.

In Christ, Doug Bdr. Gaha