Finding yourself the victim of theft is never pleasant and is all too common in Africa.  My family felt that experience three times during our time in Zambia.  But imagine awakening one morning to find the door of your home open, as Pastor David Oure experienced a few months ago.  As the probable meaning of the open door sank in, David made a quick search.  Sure enough, his phone and laptop were missing.  As a pastor, these are crucial tools in caring for a church and preparing sermons.  In addition to the stolen items, David felt the trauma of knowing the thieves had been in his home while he slept.  As you can imagine, this disturbed his sleep for some time.

David had recently relocated to Kisumu, Kenya after a year of pastoral internship in Eldoret with Pastor Naphtally Ogallo.  David moved to Grace Baptist in Kisumu in preparation to take over the pastorate of the church when Sam Oluoch moves to Nairobi to start a new church.  Despite the unpleasant welcome to Kisumu, David has settled in nicely, has married a wonderful wife from Naphtally’s church, and has earned the respect of the church in Kisumu.  Thanks to the giving of our donors, HeartCry was able to replace David’s phone and laptop, and steps have been taken to prevent future theft.


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Before his current role at HeartCry, S.R. served several years in pastoral ministry, and a few years in Zambia, Africa as a missionary.  He is also a veteran of the Marine Corps. S.R. and his wife have been blessed with 3 children and 4 grandchildren. They live near Christiansburg, VA in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, where he enjoys deer hunting and fly-fishing for trout.

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