HeartCry missionary Ulam C. is working to plant a church among the villages of North India. The Lord saved him out of a very violent lifestyle, and he has been serving in the ministry since 2001.

A few months ago, his home in North India faced very severe weather. The heavy rains took their toll on his house, and eventually a large part of his roof collapsed. Thankfully, no one was hurt. When I was visiting India in June, I was able to take the above picture of Ulam’s family after the collapse.

Thanks to the generous donors that support HeartCry, we were able to send the financial support to have a new, more stable roof built for Ulam’s family during this difficult time. The completed construction was celebrated last month with a dedication service and fellowship as seen in the pictures below. Please pray for Ulam as he ministers the Gospel among the unreached multitudes of North India.

Note: A pen name is used for this missionary in order to protect his security.