Greetings dear brothers and sisters! Another month of service is complete. During this time the Lord orchestrated some interesting meetings for me. One of them happened with a man that visited our Sunday services a few times. His car slid off the road at 60 mph and rolled more than once. He broke three cervical vertebrae, but God has had mercy on him and not only let him live but let him still be able to move. When I visited him at the hospital a few days after the crash, he was already able to walk. He is about 35-36 years old, has 6 children, and is a construction worker. He has heard the gospel many times now, and every other time he would try to dodge the subject, but this time he listened and spoke his mind about what had happened to him. Our sisters visited his family, served his children, and told his wife the gospel. This family is open to hearing about Jesus, and we continue to pray for their salvation.

In our weekly prayer meetings, we pray for those to whom we preached the gospel that week. We think the Lord made this man make a stop in his life. Even though he and his wife did not want to respond to the gospel, go to church or study the bible, they heard the truth we preached to them and were ready to listen after this calamity. It was both interesting and encouraging to see how the sisters of our church, who were before not very motivated to spread the gospel, after experiencing God’s grace in this situation, started planning visits to other unbelievers!

I have also read two books this past month: “Spiritual Depression” by Martin Lloyd-Jones and “Depression” by Edward Welch – not that I really needed this particular subject for me personally. I try to read different books to help make me better at teaching, counseling and visitation for the church. I think these books have helped me to be a better counselor.

I continue preaching through the gospel of John. The truth that has influenced me the most is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This truly wonderful event guarantees at least two things – my justification now and my resurrection in the body in the future. Praise the Lord for His mighty works!

Eugene M. – Isil’kul, Siberia