The following is an interview that was conducted with Rehir G. in August 2015:

Remind us of your call to the ministry:

Brother, I praise the Lord for his grace upon me. Briefly, I was born and brought up in a Hindu family. So I truly understand what the Scriptures speak about being in darkness. I was under the bondage of sin, but now God has redeemed me through Jesus Christ. I was in darkness, but now he has brought me into the Light. From the beginning, God put the desire in me to share this good news of Jesus with the people. It was through this desire that the Lord lead me to serve Him in the ministry. For the last fifteen years, that is how the Lord has used me.

How did you become the Pastor of the church you are currently in?

I begin in the church as an evangelist. I would go out riding my bicycle to the surrounding villages. I would go village to village and distribute tracts, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in each of my stops. I then got involved in training men at the church, and discipling those who were in need. Then in 2009, the pastor of this church left and moved back to his home village. The local church recognized the call of the Lord on my life and asked me if I would pastor them.

How were you receiving support at this time?

The local church was not able to support me at this time. However, there was another local ministry that recognized the Lord’s call and was able to help support me. HeartCry came alongside this ministry to aid in my support.

So what has taken place since then?

I’m so grateful for the Lord’s help through HeartCry and this ministry. For the last six years we have been teaching the people the truth of God’s Word and the design of God for the local church. In July, the church felt the responsibility to support their pastor, and made the decision to take on my support. This is a good thing in my mind, and the biblical thing to do. This is the way it worked in the early church, so we praise God for this grace. It has also given the congregation an “ownership” in this ministry. They know the importance of the funds they provide, and it has encouraged them in giving even more sacrificially.

There are many people whom you may never know that have supported you through these years, both financially and in prayer. Is there anything you would like to say to them?

Yes. I’m truly thankful for the brothers and sisters who have supported me through the HeartCry ministry. I’m truly grateful. During this time, their support was much needed, but now we have the ability to support ourselves. Thank you so much. Please keep praying for me, and may the Lord use you to support other pastors who are in need, and are ministering in churches that are not yet strong enough to support them.