HeartCry Missionary Society partners with Shalom Ministries in Cambodia and Pastor Chhinho, who gives direction and oversight to the work. Below are a couple of activities and reports that we believe you will be blessed by. Your support and prayers are part of the reason HeartCry is able to assist indigenous missions! Thank you.

Shalom Leader Family Retreat:

On Oct. 30 – Nov. 3 Shalom Mission Cambodia conducted a retreat to 18 couple and 13 children in Battambang Province, Cambodia. We enjoyed a lot of learning and fun together. We would like to say thank God and thank you so much for all your prayers and support that made this conference/retreat a blessing. At the end of the conference we both (husbands and wives) are still committed to love, care, value, and respect our spouses more. The husbands were committed to lead, love and learn more from their wives. And for the wives were also committed to be suitable helper, submissive, and seek to honor their husbands better than before. May God help each one of us to be blessings to one another. Let all be the glory to God for His faithfulness to each of our family.

Building a Foundation for Faith Program:

This is the extension program of Shalom School of Ministries called Building a Foundation for Faith. It is a biblical training program that reaches out to the rural pastors who could not able to access much training outside of their areas. This quarter we able to conduct to two provinces in Takeo and Kompong Chhnang. There were 34 pastors and church leaders who attended the training. Here is the testimony one of our participants who is a leader of a church:

 I want to give all praises to the Lord. I thank God that I able to attend this Foundation Course program. I have learned a lot more about Christ through look at the Bible at the big picture. Last time I know a few about Christ, especially just focus about this love but through knowing the whole story from the Old and New Testament I realized that He is more than I thought of Him. Of course His love is the center of everything about Him but this love has been worked out since from the beginning of His creation, as He chose one nation Israel, one family through Abraham, He came to the world as our Savior, the church period and His coming back. Through knowing about His whole story helps me to appreciate and thank Him more. I count it as a high privilege to serve Him and be His son. I will continue to serve Him faithfully and continue to share this whole story to my church members and also to the people who are lost around my church area. I praise God for this program and praying that this program will continue to run and come back again in the next level and also help other pastors who need to know this whole story as well.”


Chhinho (Cambodia)