Dear friends and supporters,

I would love to send you my sincere regard to the HeartCry and all brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. May grace and peace be multiplied to you, your ministry and from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ family in this year 2018.

I give thanks to God exceedingly, in the past December, and in the entire year of 2017, God has kept our family and also myself safe and healthy in his love and protection. Besides, I am thankful to Lord in December I learned a precious lesson in I John 2:1-2. We are not worthy before God, but He still loves us and He gives us a relationship with Him. We are to flee from sin and enjoy the intimacy with the Living God. Our family gives thanks to God because Lord Jesus has taken the punishment we deserve and become our sacrificial offering to God due to our desperately sinful status.

At present, I am serving and teaching Gospel in the church in Sunday morning services and in the alternative Bible class every Friday night. It is always my blessing and privilege to help other Christians learn and meditate God’s Words. The growing lives of my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ day by day and their unity as one in the church through the whole year 2017 are indeed my greatest encouragement.

The recent month was without a doubt busy for not only me but to my fellow leaders. We visited so many friends, families, and churches, informing the Good News of Jesus Christ. I am thankful to God on December 10th, our church collected and shared old clothes with the others with love and care in Christ. And I am thankful to God, on Dec. 23rd our church invited 10 people who are our neighbors and living in our district to our church’s Christmas service. Thank God, the night was so memorable and blessed. I keep visiting and telling the Gospel many days after Christmas to the visitors so I ask that you please pray for them. On December 29th we visited a young man who had had a terrible accident days before. His spine was terribly damaged and he had to undergo an operation and physical rehabilitation at the moment. Please God shed this grace on him and help him through this difficult time. 

One more time, I cannot thank God enough for giving my beloved wife. She has been always with me throughout an entire year. We give thanks to Lord, friends, and supporters in HeartCry who are praying for us all the time. We have had a great year having great opportunities to serve the church in this small town, and we unceasingly appreciate the great, meaningful help from you all. It is always my honor and blessing to be a part of yours. Coming into the New Year 2018, I would love to send you and your families our most sincere wishes. May love and blessing be with you all from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours faithfully,

Giang T (Vietnam)