HeartCry missionary Ranjit K. is a church planter in North India.  Ranjit recently shared the following update with me about the work God is doing in his ministry:

Dear prayer partners,

Greetings in the Lord Jesus’ Name.

The months of September and October were very busy, but I enjoyed traveling and teaching/sharing from the Word of God in several different places. We first went to the mountains, and although I have shared this with you already, I wanted to mention a prayer request. A Hindi magazine carried some negative reports on the Gospel work being done in North India. It carried a cover story with the heading of “Converted land of gods.” Please pray that God will work in the hearts of the people who hate us and write against His missions.

While talking about conversions, they don’t understand that people are forsaking the worship of creation and their sinful habits and are becoming the children of God via repentance and faith in Christ. According to them, it’s only a change of religion, but for the one who hears the Gospel and responds to the call of God, it’s a matter of life and death.

Please pray that the Gospel work will continue to prosper and that the forces of darkness will not overcome it.

We also went to Nepal, where we held a two-day seminar for some of the church leaders. Following the seminar, we spoke in four other churches about the meaning of the True Gospel, healing that our Lord gives, and misunderstandings about it. We also did some counseling/Q&A sessions with our co-laborers.

The ministry in Nepal is growing, and the Lord is adding souls to His church. We witnessed this in our former church, where we labored for 8 years.

Along with the coming of new people into church, I observed that teaching and preaching responsibilities are growing. People are coming into the fellowship, but they need solid food (not only the basics). So for this reason, we were also approached by two couples from the church who want to receive theological education from a seminary in India. Brother Ramthahal and his wife Javitiri would like to go to PTS for training in July 2014. Ramthahal wants to join the M.Div. program, as he already possesses a Master’s degree from a secular institution and two years of training in Biblical Studies. This couple would need sponsorship, so please pray for them.

The second couple is Brother Sandip and his wife Rani. Sandip is the son of a pastor who is presently overseeing a church but also is lacking in depth of theological knowledge. Sandip has been teaching Sunday School for small children, and he takes care of the youths of the church and conducts Bible studies with his father. He has a great desire to enter into the ministry by pursuing a theological degree at the Bachelor level (BTh). Please pray for his sponsorship, too. They both want to study, as they have no children yet.

We recently attended a pastors conference and had a wonderful time there under the teaching of a visiting pastor. He taught us on law and grace, sermon preparation, types of sermons, and the correct interpretation of Rev. 3:20. Altogether, it was a blessed time to hear him preach.

Reformation Day Fellowship and Seminar:

We invited about 40 men and women from our surrounding villages to hear about the context of Reformation Day. Many of these people were not familiar with Reformation Day, even though they believe in Christ and go to church on Sundays.

To make them aware, and to have them listen to our guest teachers (Rev. Suraj and Pr. Moses), we chose to preach on the “Five Solas” and on the life and theology of Martin Luther. It was a good fellowship, learning from the Reformed traditions and applying it to our present situations (i.e., always reforming if wrong/mistaken).

Pray for us, brothers and sisters, that we will be faithful in teaching and overseeing the flocks of God and our families.  Please also pray that we could have a center to hold our different activities in and to host our guests.

Thank you for praying and supporting us in so many ways.