Dear prayer partners,

I’m glad to write to you that God is Faithful in taking care of us. He has provided for all our needs in our daily lives. Our children are going to the school and doing well in their academic studies. We continue to hold our worships services on Sundays, and Prayer meetings on Thursdays. We believe that the Lord has been glorified in these ministry activities.

Brother Jude P. and I had a recent visit to the hills. We spent a week visiting, teaching, and encouraging the believers. We shared the Gospel with the people we met on our way, and those around us. We visited five different villages, spending a night in each village. These villages are located quite far from our town, and it takes courage to visit there, as it involves dangerous roads and lots of travel on foot. Please pray for the man who opened his house to us in one of the villages. This was the first time he has done this, and was keen to hear us, and know our thoughts.

We were also blessed with an excellent opportunity to teach 11 church planters, on the topic of “worship” (which also included, the study of God, the One is worthy of our worship). The students were taught: 1) He who is worthy to receive our worship (focusing on the two particular titles, “Jealous God” and “Holy God”) 2) Why we should study worship: A) Worship is the major theme of the Bible, B) Worship is the standard of our spiritual condition, and C) Worship is a disputable subject among many. The subject of worship has troubled and divided Christians throughout India. 3) We also looked at the guideline of worship in the whole Bible, the order of OT worship, the elements of worship, and organizing and leading of worship. The teachings were well received and the students were glad to learn these truths about worship.

Children ministries: The children are being helped in their daily school life. We, or our volunteer friends in the field, also teach them the Bible. It’s a joy to see these kids learning and enjoying these times of teachings.

Women ministries: We have been helping teach the women in the village sewing skills. My wife, along with others, have been sharing the Word of God with them. A few have asked real questions related to life and its meaning. Please pray that they would understand the love of the Life Giver, and would surrender their lives to the Savior.

Praise Points: Praise God for these evangelistic opportunities. Praise God for the families that come to pray and worship. Praise God for the children. Praise God for the relationships that have been developed in the communities we visit.

Prayer points: In several places where the gospel is penetrating, there are many rumors (change of religion, blood drinking, identifying us with the people of Koran) going around to discourage the believers and new contacts in the village. There is also much pressure on the new believers from their own families, relatives, and local community. This involves “bad talk” about the believers having no association with them in at social functions, water-fetching prohibition etc… Kindly remember to pray for the brethren.

We keep praying about building a mission center (a building for worship with at least four rooms to host Church planters, to conduct theological trainings, to carry out our community services, and to care for sick people from the towns we visit regularly). It is our desire to really be planted in this community.

Please pray for the Seminary students we are in contact with. Two of them are married (one of them has two children in primary school). Thank you for your prayers and support of them.

Please pray that the Lord would continue to meet the needs in our family and ministry. We continue to meet with one another, encourage one another, and build up one another. We thank God for all those who help and serve together with us. How blessed, “when brothers live in unity.”

Thank you for praying for us. We appreciate you from the heart. We pray God give you much grace and peace.

In Christ,

Ranjit K.