In the high regions of the province of Huancabamba, known for the witchcraft and sorcery that’s practiced by people there, where Satan has many people enslaved, the other pastors and I agreed to go carrying the good news of salvation. We carried out evangelistic campaigns as we preached from house to house.

We left Pacaipampa at 7:00 AM and arrived in Huancabamba at 12:00 PM. It would have been twelve hours on foot, but we were able to go in a vehicle. Later in the day we began visiting each house, teaching the Scriptures to the people.

The next day we visited more homes, inviting everyone to come later that night to the house where we would have a worship service to our God. Fourteen people attended that night.

On the third day we continued with the campaign, going from house to house. The people showed interest and they asked us a lot of questions about the Bible. At 2:00 PM we went to the next town over called Selva Andina, which is a center for witchcraft, sorcery, drunkenness, adulteries, and many other things. We preached the gospel publicly and several people listened to us. We passed out New Testaments and tracts. Some of them even invited us to return again.

The following day we finished visiting every house in the district, teaching the Holy Scriptures and inviting people to come the next day for the Sunday worship service that was to be held in the house of one of the brothers. We began the worship service at 9:00 AM and we had an attendance of seventeen people. We praised our Lord and taught the Scriptures. This is the fifth time that we have gone to this region. Pray, brothers and sisters, for the new converts that have believed, and also for the people of this region.