Greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ. We all are fine here and I hope that you too are fine there in His grace.

Thanks to God, and also to HeartCry for providing the biblical teachings and good books to us. Through these teachings and books, we are getting the privilege to grow in His truth. Now we have received the book called “Living by the Book”. I am studying this book. While studying this book, I have been realizing some mistakes that I had done in my past ministry. This book is showing me the mistakes I have made in interpreting God’s Words. It has made me repent and ask for forgiveness from God for my wrong interpreting of God’s words. I didn’t interpret what the Scripture says, but I interpreted what the Scripture does not say. Thanks to God for His grace and His guidance of His Holy Spirit.

In the grace of God, I am preaching from 1 Peter in our church services. From this book I am encouraging the believers to stand in Christ, even in sufferings and in difficulties because God has inherited the blessing which is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. Therefore, God’s people must do their duties for their country, society, and family. The believers must be ready to suffer for Christ because He had suffered for us (for our sins) and has given us the eternal life. Therefore we need to follow the path of Christ.

Prayer Requests: Pray for the believers that they may accept the biblical truth and may live according to His words. Some believers are not accepting the truth and becoming far from fellowship. Also pray for me that I may teach them with patience and with humility, so that the church may become a more biblical church.


Ram B