Dear HeartCry,

I thank God for our spiritual life has been preserved and everyday for new strength so that we may always be thankful to God and serve His kingdom.

Over the past month God has directed us to seek this topic:

“How to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a biblical way?”

This is a constant question in our hearts because so many Protestants have left the Bible. In fact they claim to be Protestants but not really because of the church today there are so many fake servants, false prophets, false followers who are not true to the Bible and make the church of God look like spiritual clubs. We realize that introducing the gospel to someone is very important and we rely on God so that they may believe in the Gospel and become true followers of Jesus and true believers of God.

Please add the prayer to the Church in Vietnam to developed according to God’s will! We sincerely thank HeartCry and the Church for your concern, praying, supporting us for the financial part each month so that we can be peace of mind of the God’s work. May God bless all of you!


Binh B.