Dear Brother and Sister,

Greetings to you, your family and the church. Everything is going good in my life by God’s grace. I hope everything is good there. My family members and church members are fine. All of them are growing into mature believers. 

In the month of July, I was involved in the teaching, preaching, organising meetings and attending the conferences. On the 2nd of July, after the church, we had two hours meeting with the church members. In that meeting we have decided some new activities to do in our church and some updates (negative and positive) of church activities and the leadership. Everything is positive from the church member’s side. In that meeting the most important thing which we have decided to do is the cottage prayer meeting every day in different places. For that my son (and one of the church elders) prepared the schedule of it and the responsibilities of the leaders. It took two weeks for us to prepare the schedule for the month of August activities.

On 16th July, Brother J.S. from HeartCry reached to our hometown on a visit. On 17th I travelled to Chandigarh with bro. J.S. and Ps. Ranjit, and attended the meeting there. On the18th, early in the morning, we reached my home for the meeting in my church. The meeting was from morning till afternoon in our church, in which bro. J.S. was the speaker.

For the meeting we started preparation from one week before by inviting only the church members, selected the translator from our church, prepared the schedule of the program. At afternoon I travelled with bro. J.S. to Himachal another state for the meeting with my family, there I attend the meeting with him. On 19th again I travelled with him. On the 29th we organized family prayer meeting in our church at night from 7-10p.m. Many of the church members participated in that meeting with their families. We spend some time in worship and rest of the time we spent in praying for individual families. For the next month I am going to organize the youth and ladies meeting in my church.

Prayer Request: Now a days the rainy season is going on and the river behind the church is over flowing and damaging the land. Sis.Razina has been suffering from chest pain for months. Pray for God’s guidance in each and every believer’s life. Thank you.

Yours in Christ,

Jude P.