South Africa Riot Feature

Some of you may have seen recent news reports about the rioting and looting in South Africa. The former president was imprisoned last week for contempt of court during corruption investigations. Criminals saw an excuse and seized the opportunity to lead mobs frustrated with Covid lockdowns, economic woes, and unemployment in what is now days of rioting and looting. Shopping malls and factories have been gutted and burned. Emergency services are prevented from functioning. Over 70 deaths have been reported. Shortages of food and medical supplies are becoming a major concern in hard-hit areas.

South Africa Looting

Much of the worst trouble is in the eastern part of the country, far from most of our missionaries. However, the pastors we serve in the townships of Johannesburg are being heavily impacted. Here are some reports I received today:

Mario – Cape Town
We are safe in Cape Town although there have been some parts looted and there are threats of riots that are being monitored by the police here.

Chris – Daveyton Township, Johannesburg
We are fine. But in Daveyton they have looted the two malls we have and they burned the KFC that is close to my house. It’s tough here. We have some families who were working at the mall and lost their shops.

Bheki – Oliven Township, Centurion
My side is crazy brothers. It’s really bad, although today is less crazy. We hope for better days. Work is affected, shops are closed, and if this goes much longer, food shortage will become a problem.

Please pray for the safety of the pastors and churches that we serve in South Africa, and for their evangelistic witness in their hurting communities.

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