Jorge Praying With Marcio

This month, much of the ministry here involved personal counseling, both evangelistically as well as among believers. God brought five people to us whom we were able to encourage with biblical promises.

Marcio was the first person that I was able to talk to. He is an older man and was confused by the many religions that have knocked on his door. This time, the religion that knocked on his door was the only true religion and the only true Savior was proclaimed to him, the Lord Jesus Christ. He was very attentive as we told him the message of the gospel and explained the hope that is uniquely found in Christ. The Holy Spirit worked in his heart and he confessed Jesus Christ as Savior. He is now being visited by a friend of mine who is also a pastor in the city where I met this man. The church in that city is also ministering to him. Please pray for Marcio, that he would grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and in His commands.

The second person i spoke with is a man named Cesar. He spent 20 days in intensive care because of COVID. When he had just regained consciousness, he asked to speak with me via telephone so that his “hope and faith could be strengthened with counsel from the Bible”—those were his own words. God helped me to remind him of many biblical promises, and especially those that have to do with the hope of glory that the gospel gives to those that have believed. The result was that both Cesar and I were encouraged as we remembered what the Bible promises for those who are children of God. Now Cesar is doing much better physically and is encouraged. His spirit rejoices and glories in the Lord. He is waiting for the moment when he is discharged from the hospital and can attend the church to continue glorifying God with us for the new opportunity of life that He has given.

The third was a woman who came desperately and burdened to our home in order to find out if God really had forgiven her for a great secret sin that she had committed in her past. Together we reviewed the great truths of the gospel regarding the forgiveness of God and the atoning work of Christ. We looked at what it means for Christ to take our place on the cross and suffer the wrath of God for our sins. But it was when we got to Romans 8:1 that her tears began to fall down her cheeks, only this time because of her joy. She understood that there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. The gospel took on new meaning in her life from that moment. Now she is sure that not only have many of her sins been forgiven but all of her sins have been forgiven.

The fourth person I talked with this month was a woman who also came to our house in desperation and was tremendously wounded by the vulgar and shameless adultery of her husband. She was deeply offended and discouraged and she wanted to know what she should do. We opened the Scriptures and she saw that if she was going to fight for the restoration of her marriage, her attitude and obedience to God would be the key. God showed her through the Bible the great forgiveness that God has granted His children and how we should have a forgiving heart toward others. We are praying that her husband will repent of his sins and that this marriage can be restored.

The fifth person I spoke with was a widow who had lost all sense of motivation to live. When my wife and I heard about this lady, we went to her home in order to take to her the hope of life and joy in Jesus Christ. We spoke with her for a long time, explaining the gospel. We saw how the words of Jesus Christ, read to her from the Bible, comforted her soul. We saw how her demeanor changed as time passed and as she listened to the unfolding of the gospel. Although she has many prejudices and spiritual obstacles to overcome in her life, we believe the Holy Spirit is working in her heart to guide her toward the conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment. We pray that she will be brought to repentance unto salvation. Please pray for her, that she would have faith in the Savior and could then experience the joy and life that only Jesus can give.