Dear praying saints greetings to you in Lord Jesus Name!

I want to thank God for bro. Raj and his wife for their godly direction in the ministry and solid teachings of the Bible, which we get from them. I feel encouraged under their leadership. May the Lord reward them many folds.

A family that has rented us their house for fellowship is going through a tough time, as one of their sons is sick (having fever and jaundice). We have prayed for him and have taken him to the hospital. Please pray for the boy, that he may get well soon and the parents might have peace in their hearts.

A few months ago, due to some problems in our community a church was closed down, and the believers scattered. They do not have a fellowship any longer. This news has discouraged our region, and our believers too. The people that oppose the Gospel don’t want churches anywhere in the region, or people who pay adherence to the Lord Jesus Christ. They ask that everyone join to worship their god, by pressure. Please pray that God may open the hearts of those that oppose the gospel work and discourage the believers in many ways.

There’s a village called Dara. Kindly pray for the believing families there, as they have been facing pressures from the locals. People want them to leave the Christian faith and return to idol worship. Please pray that Christ might be exalted in the village and opposing people may open their hearts to the Lord. May the Lord encourage the believers and the fellowships.

Please pray for Mrs. P. Lal’s wife, she is not well, mentally. Christ may bring peace to her. Please pray for our area’s church, that she may be strong in the Lord and witness as she should. Thank our dear God for my both little boys and my wife.Please pray for our families. Thank you for your partnership in the missions work.

Your brother in Christ

Philip K.