By God’s grace I was more involved in the ministry in Frumusani. New people came to church, because God had moved in their lives. Please pray for one man who has been on drugs for ten years. God has searched his heart lately. He came to church and we prayed for him that God would set him free from his addiction. He hasn’t taken any drugs in the last month. Please pray for him. His relatives have witnessed this miracle in his life and they also have started attending the church.

Another young man with many addictions was moved upon by God as a result of the work of God in the other young man. He also is attending the church now. This has led to another man showing interest in Christ. He too has started attending the church services in Frumusani along with his family. Please pray that God would awaken people’s hearts through the testimony of these new people that are turning to God.

An older man was diagnosed with last stage colon cancer the past few ] weeks. The doctors sent him home because they couldn’t help him anymore. I visited him and shared God’s Word with him and his family. Please pray that God would work in their lives.

We had again three days of prayer and fasting with the church in Glina. I invited different pastors to preach and invited new people to come to church. We had three blessed days in God’s presence, praying, humbling ourselves, fasting and pleading for our families and relatives. It was like a renewal for the church in Glina.

Brother Aaron was ordained as a Deacon in the “Holy Trinity” Church in Glina. Please pray for him and his family that the Lord would help them serve him with passion and joy in the church in Glina.

Also, we would appreciate your prayers for our community as we have been quarantined for two weeks.