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Rainy season floods have recently devastated Timor Leste. In an update about the situation his family and church have faced in recent days, HeartCry missionary Fransisco Noronha writes, “Timor Leste’s capital city [Dili] was submerged in floodwaters after being showered by rain for more than 24 hours. Almost everyone in the city was affected and forced to seek refuge. Even the place where we meet for worship was flooded, and as a family and church we were also forced to seek refuge. We give thanks to the Lord Jesus because he aided us in our difficulty. At 2 am on Sunday morning we had to flee, passing through a strong current in order to save ourselves and our children (Svetlana & Joshua). There was mourning and lamenting everywhere. One pregnant woman was forced to give birth in the middle of the road, and she had to be helped by others who were fleeing the floodwaters. We give praise to the Lord because we were able to make it through this difficulty with the Lord Jesus’ help. 
“After we had found a place of refuge, we were given an opportunity to tell others about God’s greatness. When my wife had settled in a safe place, there were some babies and children together with their parents who had come to the same place. They felt loved when my wife shared her food with them (in Timor Leste people generally do not share food with others unless they have some sort of familial relationship). She continued to share her food and water with them the entire time they were sheltered. The three mothers and their four children asked my wife, “Why are you being kind to us? Why do you care? How come you’re willing to share what little food and water you have, even though we’ve never met you before? Then, my wife answered, “I have done this because of the Lord Jesus. His presence is in my life and he’s changed me.” Then, my wife shared the good news of the Gospel with them. Afterwards, she asked them if she could visit them and pray for them at another time. They were very happy and exchanged phone numbers with my wife. All of this is for the glory of the Lord Jesus. We pray this becomes a bridge to build up his body in Timor Leste.”
Please also pray for those suffering the effects of the recent flooding. Pray that God would give his people at Gethsemane Baptist Church more opportunities to share the good news and demonstrate the love of Christ.