I write you all today with a solemn feeling of the reality of God. The things that have taken place in the month of November have helped me to be more conscious of the presence of God in the midst of our church. This is a reality that inspires in me both fear and joy; fear because God is holy, and joy because He is full of grace.

We have received a downpour of emails from people in our city, as well as many other cities, that are interested in visiting our church. Some of them have told us their testimonies of conversion and how their eyes have been opened to the true Gospel, and we have been deeply moved. Some of them have already visited the church, and have expressed to us their need and ways that they hope we might be used to help them. All of this brings me joy, but it also frightens me. We are crying more and more for a revival, but what are we going to do if from one day to the next multitudes of people are converted?

Oh, though we be squashed and consumed under the weight of revival, may God be exalted through millions of conversions! The cry for revival continues intensifying and our eagerness to see it come is growing in solemnity and depth. If we are able by God’s grace to climb the mountain and put the light of the Gospel on top, we are convinced that anything could happen. During some of our meetings the presence of God has been so real in the praying, in the preaching of the Word, and in the worship, that I have been filled with joy, wonder, and fear.

What does the Lord have planned? Could it be that He is sustaining our prayers for revival through these years and that He is purifying and increasing them because He is going to respond to them in our day?

Do not cease to plead with the Lord that He would give us workers who are apt for every good deed; we need them. Remember the missionaries, Ariel and his wife Jessica, who are in a stage of preparation with us in Rosario in order to be sent out to plant a church. And please, do not forget to intercede on our behalf that we might be kept from all temptation.

Many thanks, sincerely, for taking the time to listen to me through this report. The reason for which I write to you all is because we need you, we need the universal body of Christ. Do not forget that we depend on your prayers.