In October, HeartCry began to support Pastor Bill Issa, who has planted a church in Kampala, Uganda. We are excited for the opportunity to begin supporting a biblical work in this needy country and to partner with Bill as he seeks to make God’s Name great in Uganda.

HeartCry missionaries Sam OluochPaul Onyango, and Naphtally Ogallo in Kenya will be providing oversight for the work in Kampala. They plan to take several trips a year to visit with Bill and see the work up close. Lord willing, these trips will help these brothers know how best to counsel and pray for Bill as he seeks to spread the true Gospel throughout Uganda.

Pastor Bill has a long-term vision for the work in Uganda that is modeled after HeartCry partner Kabwata Baptist Church’s vision for Zambia – namely, to train up men who will plant biblical churches first throughout the nation’s capital (Kampala), and then into the other major cities, before filling in the gaps between, until the entire nation is covered with Christ-centered, Gospel-proclaiming churches. It is encouraging to see such a vision – with which the Lord has accomplished much in Zambia – at its “baby stages” in Uganda.

For more information on the Republic of Uganda – its geography, its culture, and its spiritual state – please visit our Uganda page. For more details about Bill’s background and his testimony of conversion, please visit his missionary page.