Farsi Covers Feature

HeartCry is excited to announce the availability of Paul Washer’s books to Farsi-speakers around the world! Out of love for Jesus Christ and His Farsi-speaking church, a dear Iranian-American couple in California has devoted a great deal of time and effort to make Paul’s writings available in Farsi. We are deeply grateful for their hard work.

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ

From all the accounts that we are hearing from credible sources, it seems that the Lord is doing something amazing in Iran. Vast numbers are coming to Christ despite almost certain persecution, and the church is growing rapidly. Vast numbers of new believers, with limited ability to meet together, means a vast need for good teaching and discipleship. The spiritually-young Iranian church, as well as Farsi-speaking believers in the global diaspora, are in desperate need of resources offering solid biblical teaching.

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Knowing the Living God

The first resource we are excited to offer is The Gospel of Jesus Christ, a short booklet covering the essentials of Paul’s favorite subject, the Gospel. In addition, we can now offer Paul’s first workbook in the Biblical Foundations series, Knowing the Living God. These books are available for PDF download at this link. We hope to make these resources available on Amazon print-on-demand soon.

Please pray for the Farsi-speaking church in Iran and around the world, that they would know their God and Savior, treasure Him in their affections, and honor Him with their lives.