Marsano Family By The River

Despite all the restrictions right now because of the quarantine, the Lord in His grace has given me opportunities to minister in the midst of the limitations. One particular opportunity was given to us as we went for a walk along the bank of the river that sits at the foot of the mountain in front of our house. Since this is a rural zone, it’s possible to leave our house and walk through the country in a way that isn’t possible right now in the cities because of the quarantine. 

So, as we were walking by the river, we noticed a family that was sitting along the bank and resting. We decided to go say hi to them and to share with them the most precious thing we have, Jesus Christ as King and Savior. 

Marsano Family Sharing The Gospel By River

I asked them if we could sit with them and if we could read a portion of the Bible. They agreed, and not only that, but they also gave me their attention for thirty minutes as I explained the gospel to them. They were entirely engaged for the entire time. I urged them to recognize Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives and to believe in Him in a way that is evidenced by the change in their lives. 

We invited them to come to our house one evening to share a meal together and get to know one another, and they agreed. We enjoyed the time together. I invited them to come back again on Sunday to be able to have time to explain more about the message of the gospel, and they agreed. The husband has a family member that was a so-called “apostle” in a health and prosperity congregation in Lima, and he spoke about Jesus Christ only in terms of a physical healer and someone who gives us financial prosperity. The message they had heard from him was that if you believe in the divine miracles of Jesus, He would bless your life with those sorts of things. 

When they came on Sunday I was able to tell them more about the true glory of Jesus Christ and what it means to follow Him. It was a precious time for which we are very grateful to God. They want to know more about what biblical Christianity is and what is the real message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To help their family, I gave them the last copy I had of The Gospel Call and True Conversion by Paul Washer. This book is clear and simple regarding this vital theme that is so often wrongly understood. I hope to continue talking with this family about the glorious gospel.