Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We all are fine and you too are well in Him. This is my ministry reports of this month.

In the grace of God the church services and cottage meetings are going well. We have started bible study from book of Proverbs. It is wonderful time to have this study together. We are studying from this book because the people are joining in the fellowship but struggling in their practical life. Mr. Nayna H. attends the church regularly and is eager to know more about the Scripture. But he is struggling with his habits of drinking alcohol. He requested that I pray for him and for his bad habits and that he himself trying to escape from this habit. May God grant him the strength to do so and may he be led into life in God’s words.

In Nepal it is very difficult for youth to get married. The reasons are that the Christians are in the minority and the second reason is that it is very difficult to find godly spouses who know true knowledge of the bible. Sometimes the parents worry about this matter. I am counseling and telling them about the sovereignty of God and the purpose of marriage. It is my prayer that they may see God’s purpose and plan their marriage and may wait for the right time for right person. Thanks God for His guidance leading me in doing His ministry.

Thanks to HeartCry for you great support. God may bless you.

Sincerely, Dal Bahadur Paswan Sion S.