I praise God who strengthens me to stand and testify of His mighty deeds in our village. Our congregation greets you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am glad to share a few things about what God has done in our village.

It’s our joy that our evangelism visits met a man named Kotilingam. We shared the Gospel with him. Through his tears, he told us about his Baptism and confessed that he was living like a prodigal son who went away from the father’s presence. Through this witness, this man who was backslidden was brought back into the fellowship. We all prayed for him and encouraged him by the Word of God. It seems that He was reunited with God. He is continuing in fellowship with the believers in church every week.

God has also given us an opportunity to visit a sister called Devamma and share Jesus with her. She was touched by the word and started attending the church. Please pray for her salvation.

In the beginning of this month we had a special youth meeting in our village.We went around the village and spoke about the Gospel. Many youngsters listened and received the Gospel.

I am also personally thrilled with a great joy to share with you the work the Lord has done my son Ezekiel’s life. It appears that He has saved him! I thank God and to every one of you who prayed for my family. He answered to the questions of Pastor Rajkumar (as he is attending a fundamental Baptist church in a town called Ongole). He said he got to know the gospel when Pastor Sandeep visited our village and preached nearly a year ago. He repented and was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the first week of November. I truly thank you for praying for my family. The Lord has answered your prayers. Please continue to pray for the rest of my family. My eldest son and his wife have not repented of their sins and placed their faith Jesus Christ. Please pray for them and the ministry.

I personally learnt a lot from the recent conference that took place in V___________ on the ‘Justification by Faith Alone.’ I didn’t have a lot of clarity on the details of how God’s righteousness covers our sin. I thank God for this conference.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Yehoshua