Dear all, this month the Lord allowed us to take a fundamental step as a church. Paul wrote First Timothy in order that the church may “know how one ought to conduct himself in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and support of the truth” (1Tim 3:15).

“Pillar and Support”

In order to be a pillar and support of the truth, in order to be a church built up as living stones, it is most helpful to have a place to gather, to listen to the truth of Gods word, and to have the opportunity to serve and help one another. As a church we were able to move into a new, more suitable building in a small village close to Wetzlar. We prayed regularly for two and a half years for a new building. The old hall that we were renting was becoming too small and made it difficult for visitors to find the church, a parking spot, or even a seat.

The last month has been full of encouraging evidences of God’s blessings and guidance. We found a former concert hall that was used for a small choir community. At several points it seemed as if it would be impossible for us to buy that building, but in the end God granted us unexpected favor in the eyes of the mayor and the city hall. He also gave us favor in the eyes of the former owners, who were willing to sell the building at a very good price. Since mid-November we have been able to worship in the new building. The whole building with its two floors and several rooms is so suitable that we can instantly use it for all our meetings without much rebuilding. We can even use all the furniture that was already in there.

Of course we want to paint and renovate the building and the garden a little bit before we celebrate an opening service. However, although we have not been actively inviting people from the community yet, already four people from the village came just because of the rumor that a church had moved into the former choir meeting hall. One of these older ladies has already begun speaking with her neighbors about the church and encouraging them to attend as well. This is a miracle in our eyes. Please pray that we can be a strong witness, a pillar and support of the truth, not merely through the building, but in and out of the building by the Word and in love.

“How to Behave in the Household of God”

In preparation for the church plant in Frankfurt we are training a group of people who are devoted to the work and honestly desire the church plant to take place in Frankfurt. As Paul writes, we too want to lay a foundation “like a skilled master builder” (1 Cor 3:10). Therefore, we as elders in Wetzlar are teaching the brothers and sisters in Frankfurt what a biblical church is and how to behave in order to build a local church as a household of God and not of men.

Please pray for much wisdom, knowledge, insight, love, and patience for the sake of the glorious Christ and his blood-bought bride