The Bible is unique. The Bible is the world’s best selling-book. However, the Bible is more than a unique book and/or a best-seller.  The Bible is special revelation given to us by God! God has graciously revealed His nature and works in the Bible. God has disclosed His magnanimous mercy to sinners through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ-in the Bible.

The Bible gives life and joy; it enlightens and produces wisdom! Therefore, we are called to read the Bible, search the Scriptures, and accurately handle God’s Word so that truth can be discerned, obeyed, and cherished. In light of our responsibility to understand and proclaim God’s Word correctly, Bible teachers have provided guiding principles to aid the reader so he or she can understand the Bible properly. HeartCry Missionary Society is pleased to provide Mandarin speakers with a list of concise points in Guiding Principles for Studying God’s Word. Please feel free to direct Mandarin speakers to the following link:

Guiding Principles for Studying God’s Word | 学习神话语应遵循的指导原则, Paul Washer | 保罗