Nairobi Feature

“Please remember the work in Nairobi in your prayers. Last July, due to Covid, we were sent packing from the rented facility where our church had met for 2 years.  Since last Sunday, the landlord of the hotel facility we have been using since August had been showing signs that he no longer wants us in his facility. Today he expressly said that we must move out. No discussions. He gave us notice that we have until the end of the month (in this, he was more gracious than our first landlord, who gave us no notice).

Nariobi Church 1

Sadly, this comes at a time when we have already set a date for constituting as a church. We had planned on 14th May, with about thirty people who are ready for membership. Such movements of location are not healthy for the development of the church, and the flock seems to read instability in all this. Do pray that the Lord will lead us to a much better place (and affordable) in good time. Otherwise, we may have to suspend our Sunday meetings until an opportunity opens up for a better and cheaper facility. Oh, church planting and its stresses! Yet even as I write this, I can hear Cowper’s song on providence playing in my mind (‘God moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform’).

Nairobi Church 2

The best long-term solution is, of course, owning our own property. Pastor Conrad has warned me to be ready to be hopping from one place to another with the flock before we settle in our own place. He remembers his lot in this with Kabwata church, before they got their own property, and says that those moves were not pleasant times for him. I agree. Please pray with us.”