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Dear Friends,

The following update is from Paul Snider. Paul continues to serve the Papuan Church from the HeartCry office in Radford, VA as he heals from illness he developed on the field. Paul is a great resource to assist the Papuans and also helps the HeartCry staff better understand deep, jungle missions (Ed.).

So much is happening in the Korowai that it’s hard to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news. These updates do not do justice to all the things we would like to tell you. If we did tell you everything each month, these updates would be too long. I have chosen several important things to share this month so you can pray specifically for these people and their needs. Thank you for praying for us, the HeartCry missionaries, and the Korowai people.

My Health and Family

The doctor has changed my medicine for my brain. Most doctors are now rejecting the medicine I was on due to studies linking it to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We are very glad about this change. Lately, I have had some dizziness and flashes in my head. I am still experiencing anxiety and depression, just out of the blue some days. Over Thanksgiving, it hit me hard, and I spent four days waiting for it to pass. Trish, as I always and will continue to say, is a gift from above. She always helps me get through the rough days. Pray for her also. Please pray; I am struggling mentally. According to my doctor, this could be because my brain stem has not healed completely. Either way, I am able (on the good days) to focus some on the work in Papua and do some studying and writing. HeartCry has been a huge blessing to us and I am thankful to be a part of the ongoing work, whether healing here in the States or living in Papua. Please pray we can return to Papua once I am well. The Korowai keep asking when we will return. I always tell them, “It’s not up to me, whenever the Lord wants.”

HeartCry Missionaries serving in the Korowai and Mamberamo:

Below are new pictures and current news from the HeartCry men and women we serve alongside Papua. Please pray for these servants in your daily prayers.

Jimmy, Perin, Sadrak, and Yames in Danowage. Please pray for this family as they serve in Danowage and the surrounding villages. Jimmy is leading the church and teaching the people on Sundays and throughout the week. Jimmy & Perin are also busy with the children at the dormitory. Pray that they remain healthy and that evil men and women do not discourage them as they labor.

Unnamed 2
Jimmy, Perin, Sadrak, and Yames

Meet HeartCry missionary Yuli and Beth Abaruda. Yuli is from the Mamberamo region, the Fuau village. He is also leading the OneStory Project, which translates Bible stories into many languages throughout the Mamberamo region. He is also working on translating the Gospel of Luke into the Fuau language. Yuli is a gifted preacher and leader. He is discipling many men under him to continue the work in the Mamberamo region. Pray for him and his wife and children as they labor hard for the Papuan people.

Unnamed 3
Yuli & Beth Abaruda

Meet HeartCry missionary Bastian, Marice (his wife), and family (2 children are not in the photo). Bastian is from the Fuau village. He is also working with Yuli in the Fuau. Bastian is a faithful servant of Christ. He is teaching the Bible in the village and helping the translation efforts with the OneStory Project. Pray for their health and labors in the Fuau village.

Unnamed 5
Bastian, Marice, and family