Pastor German Banda is always wonderfully transparent about the struggles and disappointments his church faces as they take the gospel to John Laing, a poor and densely populated area of Lusaka, Zambia.  Let this report be fuel for prayers.

Missing Men

Reaching men is the most difficult area that I personally have come to face in John Laing. Men are rarely found in their homes. As we go door-to-door, we only find mothers and children. We have yet to discover the means to use to capture men for the gospel. Looking back on the first half of this year, if I remember very well, I have only witnessed to about 10 men. We really want to reach men, but those that we see in the community get drunk as early as 5:00 am and such men do not even have homes of their own. So, pray for us as we want men in church to take leadership.

A Wife Persecuted for Rejecting Witchcraft

Some members and I visited the home of Mrs. Harriet Banda. I have been sharing the gospel with Harriet since 2013, and last year she professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The unfortunate part with Harriet is that she married a non-believer, Mr. Banda. She told me the reason why she married him was out of desperation to get married. Tears were running down her cheek because her mother-in-law has been pressuring to teach her witchcraft.

Ever since she married Mr. Banda, Harriet has had no peace in their home because of the mother-in-law who has been bringing different magic charms for different uses. Because she has been disobedient to her mother-in-law in refusing the charms, it has cost her marriage. A few days from now she will be divorced. She said that without Jesus she would have been convinced to trust in witchcraft. Harriet has no job, no home, nothing for her two children when she will be chased out from her husband’s home. Brethren, pray for her. Such are issues that I‘m facing from my members, and the only solution I have given them is to accept persecutions as long as they remain in Jesus and to tell Jesus all their challenges. Pray for us and for them.

German Banda
John Laing Reformed Baptist Church