Jairo and I wanted to write again and express our deep gratitude for your generous gift of money for the boat. Next week I’ll be planning with Jairo about when, where and how to make the boat purchase. It looks like the best place is Iquitos up in the Northwest jungles (more boat for your money). It may take two or three months before we actually have the boat. We want to research the best boat model and motor for our stretch of river and then it may take some time to have “la lata”(the boat body) constructed. Our basic plan is an aluminum 20 passenger boat with a roof and a 60 horse motor. We will let you know as the plan and “compra” (purchase) progress along.

The Lord has used Heartcry to bless us tremendously. Thank you! The boat will be a huge help to us in the work here along the Huallaga river. Please know that you are a real encouragement to us. Keep praying for us as we try to proclaim the gospel, make disciples and plant churches here in the jungles of Peru.

We hope that all is well with each one of you and that the Lord is continuing to glorify Himself as you shine for Him.

Micah T.