Though brief, this is a wonderful account of how the Lord used Sorin Prodan to preach the gospel to a total of 1,400 people in the Gypsy community of Rosiori – all in just a few days. Truly the Lord delights in aiding His people to spread the gospel to the masses! The following was written by Brother Prodan concerning Sorin Prodan’s eventful week: 


Gypsy Ministry

Sorin prodan had a very unusual month. His fourteen year old niece died of leukymia, but before she died she had asked Sorin to preach the Gospel at her funeral. Over 400 people attended and were exposed to the calling of the One who is eternal Life. During the funeral, news of another tragedy came. Sorin’s nephew died suddenly in the hospital of a kidney mulfunction. He was thirty! Three days later, Sorin prodan preached the Gospel to a crowd of about 500 people at this second funeral. These two events shook the Gyspy community in Rosiori. After the two funerals, Sorin had another evangelistic event in Olteni, where he preached to approximately 500 people. At least 30 of them seemed to be affected immediately and began to regard seriously the calling to repentance.