Dear friends and supporters, My family and I would like to give you our best regards and love. May God pour his grace, care and love on all of you and this report will continually encourage you in many ways.

The previous month could be considered a good month to me. My work as a leader in the church has been going on well. I keep up my regular job as teaching the Gospel in my church every Sunday for worship. Although we are having just a small number of believers, I am still thankful to God that they are such faithful people. They come to church regularly every Sunday. I keep on visiting their families often to know about their life and living situation. Encouraging these people is always my job. I am praying for every one of them to have such strong faith in God to surpass the numerous challenges.

In the previous month I also succeeded in holding the first class of training classes for deacons. On May 28th, believers from two Baptist churches came to my church to attend in the first class. In the class we taught the believers Bible doctrine. Besides, we shared with them our thoughts as the church leaders and how important the deacons are in every church. At the end of the class we also had them over for dinner with us in our church. Additionally, this was a good chance for all of us to meet brothers and sisters from the nearby churches. We were encouraged alternatively by each other. The next class will be held at the end of the next month. We are going to teach them our experiences of how to share Gospel to the others. This is such a blessed activity and I am praying to God that this work willbe a monthly activity.

Sharing the Gospel is always the job that I enjoy. This month I met a person from D. L. Town, a neighbor town of mine. It was by God’s grace that I found him interested in listening to the Gospel. That is always a good start when people decide to hear more from us. Originally he is from Huế, a country that is dominated by

Buddhism and idol worship. Overall, it could be considered as a great challenge. I am praying that God will help me to keep preaching the Gospel to this man. God could use him to be a wonderful example in his living area where none of them are Christian.

This information should be my most featured activity in the previous month. Although the activities are not such significant, but I am glad that I could carry out something new. My job is still ahead and I still have to make more and more effort. Please keep praying for us, the servants of God in this area. It is my honor and pleasure to have you as supporters and partners in my ministry. May God continue to bless you at your meaningful work and hopefully you will receive more encouraging news from us in the next report.

Yours faithfully,

Due H.