Dear friends and supporters, I am Pastor Giang Ti from D. Evangelical Church. This is the first time you receive news from us. First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude for your generous and meaningful support from you. And we also would like to give our faithful greetings and love. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hopefully this first monthly report from us will encourage you somehow. I am grateful to God for keeping my wife, my children and myself safe throughout the month. I’m thankful to God that our family has been united in the prayers. My oldest son, who is in grade 12, has just finished the final semester exam. I thank God that within the previous month, I have been encouraged so much. God gave me and some brothers in God chance to gather, pray and learn God’s Words together at my Church. We studied in Romans 6:1-11. Thanks to God’s lessons, we were taught to live in His will and to show His grace in our lives. And to accomplish those, I’m working hard to seek His Word, obey His Words live a Godly life so that through us His Name is known and glorified.

At present I am still working as the executive pastor, teaching Gospel at my believer’s houses and also preaching Gospel on every Sunday at my church. I and many of other members in the church visit a believer once a week (usually on Friday) to teach Gospel there. We call it “alternative weekly teaching.” I am blessed so much from those visits. Not only my believers but also I am encouraged spiritually.

I am thankful to God that this month He gave me chance to preach and share Gospel to my fellows around my local place. I am also thankful to God for letting me visit my brother in God in Duc Trong District and meet another minister, who is now an executive pastor. We prayed for each other, especially for his church, for its growth so that more and more people in Duc Trong will have chance to know about Christ.

An amazing thing God has done with us the last month. Within 3 years I have always been praying and testifying to a woman named Võ. I am thankful that God has used my friend, Ms. Kimberly to first talk to her about Gospel. And it is by God grace that on 14th of April, Ms. Võ confessed her sin to God and opened her heart for Jesus as the Savior of her life. My words cannot express enough my gratefulness to God for this joy. Since that time, Ms. Võ began to visit and take part in the church service with us every Sunday morning. Moreover, she also took part in the alternative weekly teaching every Friday night. This encouraged me so greatly. I am blessed and joyful that God has accepted our prayer and brought this woman into His house.

The previous month God has given me graceful things. However, we are still continuing to face many obstacles in our way of ministry. Therefore, we are needing support, and especially, prayers from you, the supporters. Hopefully, God keeps strengthening and blessing us on our mission in our local area, Lam Dong province and our country Vietnam. Once again, let us express our great thankfulness for your blessing support. Please keep praying for our ministry in Vietnam. The grace of our God be with you always. Amen. Yours faithfully,

Giang Ti