Thank you for all your prayers for us and for the work of God in Finland. We are always greatly encouraged and strengthened in our hearts at the thought of our shared fellowship in the gospel and of your faithful intercession on our behalf before His throne.

We continue to enjoy God’s blessing on our family life. Sara and I appreciate your prayers as we seek to raise our six boys in this “almost Christian” land.

I have enjoyed an unusual spiritual uplifting recently – a renewed appreciation for the total sufficiency of Christ. Perhaps in part thanks to John Owen’s work The Glory of Christ, and it seems to me as if there is a clearer awareness of the Spirit’s presence and somehow an extra measure of grace given to me. Please pray for me as I seek to prepare, pray, study, and then to be able to communicate those things.

The work of church planting continues faithfully forward. Wonderfully this month, the Lord, after almost eight years of prayerful searching, has provided a meeting place for our fellowship. Truly the Lord is good.

The building is a traditional, beautiful, little wooden chapel about eighty-five years old. The chapel has been greatly cared for and so it is in perfect condition. It is ideal for our need at the moment. Praise God!

We had the HeartCry pastors conference in Portugal this past month. It was a great blessing. Jeremy and Anthony both were tremendously encouraging. The fellowship, the discussions (and the banter) were all edifying, thought-provoking, and challenging.

Once again, let me say how grateful we are to each one of you who continues with us in prayer. We trust the Lord will continue to bless you.