We want to thank God for giving us this opportunity to share our prayer and praise points with you.

We have been blessed by the Christmas season, we have shared the Good News with hundreds of people. Please pray that our efforts will be fruitful, and the church will experience growth. Four individuals gave their lives to the Lord during this time, so praise God. Please pray that they will continue in their walk and will testify it by taking baptism.

There are many physical needs in our congregation. Please pray for Nirmala, she is seriously sick and in need of blood. Her own body is not producing blood due to some reasons. She needs blood every 2 or 3 months to survive. Pray that God may heal her and bring her to the faith. She is in our touch. Please pray for Mrs Martha, she has many health issues. She can’t get up from the bed. She need our urgent prayer requests. Please pray for Mrs. Fullo, and Mrs Raj, they has been diagnosed with throat cancer. May the Lord heal them and give them comfort. Also please pray for Ramswaroop for cancer too. May the Lord heal him too.

Pray for Mrs Kajal’s safe deliver in the next month. May God give her safe and healthy baby.

Please pray for our church building construction. We had began some repair and extension to our worship hall. Kindly remember this point in prayers. This will allow our church congregation to worship in more open and wide area. May the Lord strengthen our congregation hands so that they may be able to support the work of God.

We appreciate your prayers and support, from me, for our both children (both studying in a seminary) and my wife Stella.

Thank you and God bless.

Kunal M.