Brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for praying for us. I wanted to update you on some of my ministry and life activities in the past months.

I visited K* village, where we met Ravindra jee. This family has been very discouraged due to sickness. The family head was happy to meet us and wanted to know more about the Lord and his care for humanity. I shared Gospel with him. And I prayed for his healing; now he is fine and very encouraged. He testifies in the neighbourhood about his healing and along with his family attending Sunday worship service.

In B* village, Jaswannt S was in depression and has gone like a crazy man. He used to trouble his family members and even his neighbours were sad by seeing him in this situation. We prayed in his family with fasting on Fridays. Praise God that this man was also restored to normalcy. He gives glory to God in Friday meetings in his family and village.

Prayer points: Please pray for Richa she has chikungunya and feels joint pain her whole body. Please pray for Jyoti, her father-in-law and the family stops her to come to the church and want her to leave the faith. She loves the Lord, but her situation is difficult. Please pray for Shila, she has Blood pressure and sugar problem. Remember to pray for D. Singh also, he has heart problem. Please pray for Amrik also, he looks like a demon possessed man. May God give him deliverance.

I want to thank God for Dimpal family. They are believers in our church. They come to the church and participate in the prayer meetings. But in the month of December, someone from the anti-gospel elements visited them and tried to stop them from the worship services, but this family testified to the man that God has been good to us. The man replied to them that you have left your deities and because of that this sickness came to your family. He tried to stop them by promising some offers. Please pray for the family and this man.

Mrs Rita’s 11 years old son had been missing for a month, she was greatly troubled. Some unidentified people had hidden him. They were looking for some money for his return. This sister had her strong faith in the Lord that He would bring her son back one day, so they decided to hold prayer meetings at home, with fasting. Praise the Lord for the recovery of her son back at home. The whole family and the people of her village are happy by seeing this miracle from the Lord.

In December, we celebrated Christmas by singing Christian hymns in the families and visited them house to house. On the day of Christmas we shared God’s Word about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The children presented special songs. And we also enjoyed fellowship lunch together. Glory to God.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Seth S.