Greetings brothers and sisters in Lord Jesus Name! I want to thank you for your prayers as we are found well in the Lord. Let me write you few more items about our ministries.

Christmas Program

With the prayers and in the power of the Lord, we invited our church members to join us in carol singing, and going house to house. We spread the Word of God wherever we went. People listened to our spiritual songs attentively and were encouraged. The youth really enjoyed the time of singing and sharing.

Christmas day Worship

The worship began with prayers and singing of the Christmas songs. The children program of singing was arranged. The message of the day was, “The purpose of Lord Jesus coming to the world.” Afterwards a short drama by the children was presented. All the participants then had fellowship over lunch.

Night Prayer Meeting on 31st Dec

We gathered to thank God and welcome the New Year. It was nice to welcome the New Year with the members of the church. Believers enjoyed being together for God’s glory and were thanking Him.

New Year Worship and Program

We all gathered in the church hall, where my son Anand preached on the occasion of the New Year. After the worship, a tea party was arranged.

Church Picnic Day

The believers of our church decided to have picnic in the New Year, so we all went to a place where there’s lot of water. We could see the beauty of God’s creation. We ate together a delicious lunch, sang together, and glorified God by the fellowship.

Friday Bible Study in Our Home

We are studying Book of Colossians in our family. It’s encouraging to go through this book and receive the blessing of the Lord. The Word of God is always touching our hearts.

Future Plan for Ministry

As you know that my son is in the seminary and will be graduating in May. Upon his arrival back at church and home, we would like to visit new villages (we already thinking and praying) on this. Please pray that Anand will help in the local church also effectively. May the Lord’s name will be spread in new villages through our efforts. I need your prayers for this matter.

Towards the Eternal Home

Four individuals of our congregation went to be with the Lord this year, it’s sad thing for us but we rejoice that these people loved the Lord and went to be with him forever. Blessed be His name.

Prayer/Praise Points: We rejoice because the Lord has added 3 families in our congregation recently. Please pray for my son’s theological study in the final year and his future ministry, for the newly added three families to the church, for my own family. Thank you for caring our physical and spiritual needs.

May the Lord bless you all.

Bro. Jude P.