I want to share with you that the missionary work here in the Huaylas Valley is advancing, thanks to God. We had the first service of “Iglesia Misionera de los Andes” (Missionary Church of the Andes) at a building we rented at the crossroads in Tarica. Our inaugural service was on December 11 and approximately 50 people attended from the communities of Ungar, Curhuas, Mataquita, Tumpa, Carhuas, Copa Chico, and Copa Grande. We have been taking the gospel to each of these communities and leading Bible studies there.

Please pray for the spiritual growth of this group, for growth in knowledge of the Word of God, and for health and strength to disciple workers who can help in the work.

From December 17th to the 19th we were able to sponsor traditional Christmas gatherings called “chocolatadas” for children in several communities. Thanks to help from some other churches, we were able to cover the costs. Those of us who put on these gatherings were able to share about the true meaning of Christmas.