By the grace of God, my family’s health is recovering. My daughter was sick with Hepatitis, and after taking her to the hospital she is now recovering through treatment. Here in Huaraz the rains and thunderstorms have started, which means the roads are now dangerous. The other day, I almost wrecked my car because of the rain and fog. I’m thankful to God for strengthening us to continue moving forward in the work of His kingdom, and we’re thankful to all the brothers and sisters that pray for us.

The missionary work here in Callejon de Huaylas, Huaraz is advancing step by step. Almost daily we are going out to share the gospel in the communities surrounding us and we are carrying out Bible studies wherever there is an open door. On Sunday, November 19, our heavenly Father was pleased to allow the baptisms of our brothers and sisters Noe, Rusbell, Sulema, Maria, and Liliana. We are praying for their spiritual growth and for their service to the Almighty.

I thank God for the brothers and sisters that He is raising up that love God and are helping with the work of the Lord here in Huaraz. Recently, we assigned a brother the responsibility to care for the group of believers that is now meeting in the city of Huaraz. Another brother has been assigned the responsibility of serving in the community of Tumpa. Two sisters are disciplining other women in the city of Carhuaz, and another brother is working alongside them. I’m currently leading Bible studies in the communities of Copa Chico and Yungar. I have found that I need to better distribute my time to be able to work more thoroughly for the Lord in each place.