The work here in Huaraz is advancing, thanks to God. He has allowed us to go to several villages to evangelize house by house. On Tuesdays we are going to the city of Carhuaz where we evangelize and invite people to a 6 p.m. meeting in the home of sister Gloria. Wednesdays we do the same thing in the community of Yungar and we meet in the home of Walter and Magaly, where there are now eight people meeting together. On Thursdays we are in Carhuaz discipling four families who are related to brother Roberto. We meet in brother Roberto’s home. These same families then come to us in Tarica on Fridays to continue with discipleship. Saturdays we go with a group of brothers from Tarica to work with children in the communities of Yungar, Pariahuanca, and Huallcan. Finally, on Sundays we meet to worship God in Tarica with the brothers from some of the communities.

We thank God because this month three families came to know the Lord, as did Luis Jaime who is one of the elected officials in the community of Huallcan. We ask you to pray for the spiritual growth of each one.