We are encouraged to see God’s grace in the life of a young lady names Liz, the secretary of the school affiliated with our church. She always heard the preaching of the gospel by the pastors of our church, but she would not attend the services. But now, she is giving testimony to the fact that he has come to know God. She’s started coming to our church each week and she asks us to pray for her, that she would continue in the faith. She also asks us to pray for her family. Her mom is very Catholic and strongly opposed to her involvement in a Christian church. But despite the difficulties that she’s faced with her family members, Liz has decided to continue coming and she’s now come three consecutive Sundays. 

We’re also encouraged to see Yelti, who is a young man that has recently been converted. His family is not Christian either, but he came to know the Lord through the Christian school. He’s now been coming to our church for several months. At first, his new faith was difficult because his family was not in agreement with him going to church. But his parents have seen the change in his life now that he is a Christian and they have stopped opposing his attendance. Now they let him go without any problem. He asks us to pray for the salvation of his parents.