Dear HeartCry and Supporters,

We are thankful that God has kept our family and our children safe for the past month! We also thank God for our personal spiritual fellowship. To share our personal spirituality with God to you, this is also a great help to our spiritual life, First, we are reminded of our faithfulness to God. Second, it helps us in all aspects of our lives, such as the need to be alert and to keep our hearts always with the Lord.

Thank God for the last month the Lord taught us that in keeping the heart because we are still weak, not letting God completely rule our hearts. When were taught by the Lord about this problem and realized that there could be no deep spiritual fellowship with God without the protection of our heart. The Lord said,

“Be careful to keep the hearts of you above all, because the sources of life come from it”

Proverbs 4:23

We thank God for the work of local church management. We believe this is the best job God has given us. First of all, it helps us to grow up in the Lord and show the people God has given us in Christ all we need to grow up before God.

“Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus”

Colossians 1:28

God’s Word teaches us that we must live and work faithfully to develop the spiritual life of other believers. The focus of local church governance is to study the Bible in accordance with biblical teaching in order to bring spiritual growth to our brothers. Otherwise it is impossible to carry out the ministry at the will of the Lord so we have to keep doing this work. This work includes: praying, visiting and taking care of the brethren to help encourage their faith.

Every Thursday evening we still work with families to guide and study the Bible with them. Thank God, the brothers and sisters are more and more strengthened on the issue of faith in biblical doctrine. We still believe biblical teaching will strengthen Christians for living godly. This is a focal point for our ministry, which we must strictly follow.

I am grateful to God for being so acquainted with HeartCry, which has given us a hopeful glimpse in God because He has also chosen you as the faithful servants that are dedicated to Him. This is a great encouragement to us and we thank God. Monthly reporting to you is a great reminder of our lives and our ministry before God! We are grateful to HeartCry and all the churches you care, pray for, and support. May God bless you all!

K’ Breuh