On Sunday mornings we are studying the first letter to the Corinthians, and we’re now in chapter 12. It has been a great encouragement to the church to be able to learn how to serve the Lord for edification according to our gifts and abilities. Several brothers and sisters have come to ask for counsel in determining how they can better identify and apply their gifts in the ministry of the church. Many people are beginning to understand that we are all called to be active members in Christ’s body, serving God according the gifts God has given to His Church. 

Maria is a lady that was abandoned by her husband more than 14 years ago. She lives with her two daughters, one of whom is a believer and and one who is not. She is a very faithful sister. She came to me after a recent sermon and said to me, “Pastor, I’m a woman and I don’t know how to read or write. I don’t know how God has gifted me and I am really worried. I love my Lord and I want to serve my God, but I don’t know how I should do that.” 

I asked her what she currently does on a daily basis. She explained to me that she wakes up early to pray for the salvation of her children, for the church, and for pastors, that the Lord would protect them and bless them in their work. She said she also often leaves her house to go and visit two sisters from the church. One of these sisters was recently abandoned by her husband, and Maria goes to visit her for encouragement and prayer. Together they pray for her husband. Maria mentioned that this sister used to be very bitter because of what happened with her husband, but that now she prays for him instead, that God would save him. With the help of Maria, she is learning to love the Lord more and more.

I told Maria, “Amen! Continue serving the Lord. Continue taking time to visit these sisters and we will be praying for them.” I was very encouraged to know that Maria was humbly serving these two sisters with great concern and love for them and for our God.